Charging iPhone Battery with Breathing

The concept of appropriate technology plus environment-friendly be a desire at this time. This applies to all commercial and non commercial products, to create a healthy environment. Call it charging battery activities using electricity, which seems to slowly becoming obsolete would be replaced by solar energy (sunlight). Even recently there are new discoveries, which distribute power to use the phone only a mask, wherein the source of energy is derived from hela your breath.

AIRE, is capable of doing that, where a breath change into electricity. Working principle is simple, ie, the mask has a fan in a small turbine, which will rotate when you exhale. Then, this turbine will convert it into electrical power for your iPhone device battery.

The idea of ??this unique tool coined by a scientist named Joao Paulo Lammoglia. Recorded and pulled Aire won the prestigious “Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best 2011″. As a result, armed with a mask Aire iPhone users will not need to worry when trouble finding the power, to charge the battery when it drop. Simply by placing a mask covering the nose and mouth, then connect the AIRE cable to iDevice such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Every breath will make the turbines spin so that the power to the connected devices.

AIRE can be used anywhere. While walking or even while exercising can be carried charging process Batrei your IOS device. And, like a mask in general, Aire has been able to serve to protect us from street pollution.
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